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Additonal hire gear

Jet ski hire rates

8 Hours $399

1 Hour $120

4 Hours $249

6 Hours $325

3 Person jet ski hire

Life jackets

Launch and retreival

GPS Unit

Safety briefing


What's included

Cooler Bag

Snorkeling gear

Underwater camera

Wakeboard/Water skis

Inflatable tube

From only $10


Jet ski hire blast

For an experience you will never forget, feel the freedom and excitement of skimming across the water on one of our powerful Kawasaki jet skis. They have more than enough power for wakeboarding, water skiing, towing inflatable tubes or just having a blast on the water, and we can supply all the necessary equipment you may require.

Our location beach is ideal with a safety access lane, ski and tube area and no speed restrictions or small course you have to follow. All of our jet skis are the same make and model (Kawasaki STX12F) so you know exactly what your paying for when hiring from us, and are not disappointed with a slower older model when you arrive.

Including fuel

Excluding fuel

Jet ski hire Island exploring

Our self drive jet ski hire Island exploring option is a fun and unique New Zealand experience for all ages.

There are several Islands with in easy reach of our launch location including some of the larger Islands like Kawau & Tiritiri to the smaller more secluded Islands like Beehive and Saddle.

All jet ski hires come with a safety and operational briefing a set of maps and a GPS unit, so finding your way around the Islands is safe and easy. The jet skis also come equipped with large storage areas for snorkeling and picnic equipment, waterproof phone and camera compartments and an anchor for when you want to stop and relax.
Visit Historic Kawau Island and have lunch at Mansion House restaurant then jet ski to Tiritiri Matangi Island, one of New Zealand's most significant conservation projects with several walking tracks a stunning views of the Hauraki Gulf.

There are dozens of smaller secluded Islands where you can have a true Robinson Crusoe experience with an entire Island all to yourself. Take a chilly bag with your jet ski hire and have a romantic picnic on a secluded beach followed by a snorkel in one of the
Hauraki Gulfs many sheltered bays. 

Take a jet ski around the Rewa shipwreck, the largest four masted steel barque of its time. It lies half submerged at
Moturekareka Island.
Jet ski hire
Jet ski hire
jet ski hire

Excluding fuel

Excluding fuel


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